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Who has never dreamed of diving into an expanse of water in the wild, minus seaweed and fish? For every woman keen to play water-nymphs, without fear or discomfort. The floating pool, the exclusive solution : the Mobipool! The concept ? Install a floating  modular pool in natural surroundings to provide safe bathing.

Take a dive into nature – floating pool use

Are you the owner of Lagoon-side hotels, diving clubs, villas, golf courses by the water, a yacht on the high seas? All these places are ideal for setting up a Floating pool. Patented worldwide, this new concept, made up of modular structures and pontoons, offers many benefits!
  • Can be installed in one day, whatever its dimensions.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle, and moveable as required.
  • Scalable: extra pools, or pontoons for relaxation, dining or events, etc. can be added.
  • An existing expanse of water can be used (or made profitable)
  • Guaranteed long life due to quality components (reinforced PVC, marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel).

Floating pool for diving station

In octagonal shape, this floating pool could be used for diving exercise. The floating mobideep can bring the depth until 7 meters. For more information please visit www.mobideep.net . With 300 agents around the world, we are ensure to make you happy with your floating pool any time.
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